The Top 5 Golf Training Aids – Tried and Tested by PGA Professionals
22 November 2021

The Top 5 Golf Training Aids – Tried and Tested by PGA Professionals

Golf is confusing enough to add the pressure of decided upon what training aids may help your game and what are just a waste of money. We are here to give you our top 5 training aids that have been tested personally by PGA Professional Michael Kunman and used at his teaching facility on a daily basis. The list is below;

1. Alignment Sticks 

Alignment sticks are a no brainer if you want to improve your game. They are one of the most versatile training aids and have benefits for every golfer from an aspiring Tour Professional to your complete beginner.

  • Alignment – One of the main functions of alignment sticks is to help with alignment to the target. Using two of the sticks helps achieve this every time.
  • Swing path – You can stick one of the alignment stick in the ground to help improve your swing path.
  • Impact – You can either hold the alignment rod below the grip or slide into the grip itself to help improve your ball striking

Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks are great for all level of golfers. Should be in every golf bag!

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2. Impact Bags

Impact Bags

Impact bags are a perfect tool to help people improve their all striking and understand where the hands, club shaft and body should be at impact. There are numerous uses for an impact bag including improving club path and clubface control but even if you just purchase to improve your impact position, you’ll be buying a great training aid!

Impact bags are great for beginners to intermediate golfers wanting to understand impact position and how the body works into impact.

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3. Smart Ball

Smart Ball

The smart ball is one of our most used training aids, especially for beginner golfers. The reason? To improve impact and stop the dreaded “Chicken Wing”. By putting this training aid between your arms it helps to keep the backswing nice and compact, plus when striking the ball and moving into your follow through, it assists in keeping the arms closer together to help maintain low point control.

Smart Ball

The smart ball is perfect for any level of golfer (especially beginners) wanting to understand how the arms should work with the body in the backswing and follow through.

4. Putting Mirror

Putting Mirror

With putting making up most of the strokes you will have on the golf course, it makes sense to invest in a training aid to assist with this portion of your game. A putting mirror will help you with numerous aspects including.

  • Alignment to the target
  • Eyeline over the golf ball
  • Strike on the putter face
  • Starting direction of your putt

Putting Mirror

Putting mirrors are great for all level of golfers. Should be in every golf bag!

5. Putting String Lines

Putting String Lines

Putting string lines are perfect for the golfer wanting to improve their alignment to the target, the starting direction of the putt and also to work out where to aim with breaking putts. A very versatile training aid that you will see regularly used by top PGA Tour Professionals and elite golfers.

Putting String Lines

Putting string lines are good for all level of golfers but more targeted at mid to low handicap golfers wanting to hone in their putting and reduce their putts per hole.


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